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Having a renewed faith will encourage you to put a stop to anyone taking advantage of you. Listen to someone with more experience, but when it comes to making a decision, rely on what you feel works best for you.

January 24th Birthday Horoscope

Nurture important relationships. If you want to partner with someone, do so for the right reason, and be sure to get something out of it. Balance and equality are necessary. If someone pressures you, back away. Keeping busy will help you avoid anxiety and stress. Memories will reinforce what life is all about. LEO July Aug.

Instead of correcting or critiquing, put your time and energy into doing the best job possible and taking care of your responsibilities first and foremost. Consider what you can do to keep the peace and accomplish what you set out to do.

Focus your energy on doing something physical that will show results quickly. Listen more and talk less. Look at all your options and go directly to the source of anything you are contemplating getting involved in, and you will discover consequences that will help redirect your time and energy.

Choose to use your energy to benefit you emotionally, physically and spiritually. Self-improvement will bring higher returns than helping someone for nothing. Socialize with those who share personal goals. Emotions will be unstable, and energy should be channeled positively. Romance should be on your agenda. Concentrate on your health and personal achievements, not someone who is acting erratically or being difficult. CUZ — Sept 30, Blady — Oct 3, Gunmin B.

Soyeon T-ara — Oct 5, Eungjoo 7. A Solo Singer — Oct 7, Daegun F. Flying — Oct 31, P Big Bang — Nov 4, C. Xia Rania — Nov 15, Minpyo B.


Nuri F. Sungyeon Venus — Nov 23, L. MR — Nov 29, I — Dec 1, I — Dec 4, Mina Gugudan, I.

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I — Dec 16, IF N. CUS — Dec 16, Jaekyung Rainbow — Dec 24, Q.

January 24 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

Goeun Laysha — Dec 26, P. M Limitless — Dec 31, Chan A. The air signs Aquarius, Gemini, Libra are marked with green. The fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are marked with red. NOTE 2: Some basic characteristics: Earth signs: Those who are an Earth sign are practical, down to earth and take care of the details of living. Taurus are impossible to stop when they get moving. Virgo likes to keep busy and pay attention to even the smallest of things.

The four elements describe people's personality traits

Capricorn can organize details, into a whole structure, and know how to get to the top. Air signs: Air signs deal with relationships, communications, sociability and intelect. Gemini relies on communication and constant flow of information. Libra gravitates towards partnerships, justice and more beautiful forms of communication which is why many of them flirt. Aquarius likes to exceed boundaries, be different and gravitates towards friendships. Water signs: Their emotions guide them in whatever they do.

They have strong emotion bonds and empathy towards others.

Cancerians are creative, loyal and generous. Pisces likes to keep things cool and neutral and have compassion more than any other sign. Fire signs: Fire signs get the reputation of being hot-headed and very much into themselves, while is true they have a hard time seeing others POV, they have big hearts and want the best for those around them.

Aries initiates things immediately and directly. Leos are creative and can put their heart into their craft. What's your Zodiac sign? Do you share your birthday with any Kpop idol? Errors happen sometimes. We actually mixed 2 different dates.

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XD His birthday has been corrected in both parts. We are trying to keep the profiles as corrected as possible and up to date, so thank you a lot for the heads up! Kihyun and Wonho from Monsta X are not included…Kihyun birthday is the 22nd of November and Wonho birthday is 1st March …plz fix it…Thank you…. Chenle of NCT Dream is born in , not One more!!! They just debuted.

If you know more info, feel free to help. Park Chanyeol my twin.. I wonder what time he was born.. His birthday was today, February 11th. And no one from Snuper or Romeo either? He was added. Happy Birthday to him, by the way! Thanks for the heads up!!! Thanks a lot for the heads up! Just one thing… as far as we know Taeil is born in 14th June not in 4th June.

Can you confirm that? Wonho is Mar 1, Look in Monsta X Profile at the fans talk. All agree tat google listed it wrong. Thank You.

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She was listed on both August 30th and the August 3rd. Mistakes happens… XD Thanks a lot for the heads up! Can you add Halo members plz! Can u pls add — bonusbaby — imfact — map6 — pristin — gugudan — mvp Thank you. Thank you as well for the suggestion.